Hello world! My name's Marshall and I'm a progressive web technologist, focused on creating beautiful, easy to use goal oriented web applications using cutting edge technologies best suited for the job. I have a people-based personality, which allows me to foster positive working relationships and collaborations with my peers, increase the overall productivity of my working environment, and encourage cross-team collaboration in an effort to maximize workload output.

Combining the forces of education obtained at Georgia Institute of Technology and Southern Polytechnic University with over 10+ years of experience gained from employment both in the higher education and consumer sectors, I have gained a broad range of knowledge over the years on both the front and back end of the web. I'm self-sufficient, highly capable of attacking technical problems at all levels, while also being a great team player and people person.

Find out more about me, stuff I've worked (and am currently working) on, and some of my hobbies below.

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Along with some of the cool stuff I work on at work, I do projects on the side to keep my healthy appetite for latest technology and trends up to date. Check some of these out below and by going to my portfolio.


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