Marshall Upshur

Software Engineer

Hi, I'm a progressive web technologist focused on creating beautiful, easy to use, goal oriented web applications using cutting edge technologies across all devices. I am not just a "web developer", I love working in the full stack. Making sure that some pesky Javascript is not causing too many repaints, and that some RESTful service is performing at scale is my passion.

That said, I also understand that great stacks are best created by great teams. I love working with others to help create a positive and winning user experience. Creating positive working relationships, collaborations with my peers, and helping increase the overall productivity of my working environment is something I strive for in any setting.

Forever learning, forever evolving, that's me in a nutshell.

Find out more about me, the `projects.status === 'done' ? 'I've worked on' : 'I'm working on'`, and some of my hobbies below.

Along with some of the cool stuff I work on at work, I do projects on the side to keep my healthy appetite for latest technology and trends up to date. Check some of these out below and by going to my portfolio.

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